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13Battalion Sheepdog Guardian Patch

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13Battalion Sheepdog Guardian Patch.  

I am not only a Guardians of the Universe fan, I'm also a comic book fan in general. The Nova Force featured in GOTU are a military/police force which patrols the galaxy and is lead by Nova Prime (which is funny because that is also the highest rank of the Nova Force). With this patch, I decided to use their symbol versus a weapon. Can't wait until MAY17 when GOTU2 is released! Until then, enjoy this square patch!!!

2nd patch in the new Sheepdog "Protector" series - Limited to 100 patches.

Text is GITD on a 100% embroidered patch with merrowed border.

The patch is 2.5" x 2.5" square and features 2 sided velcro backing with numbered card.