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13Battalion TACVIK Morale Patch

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Back in the mid-2000s, I was going through a techno phase (which has now morphed into a dubstep phase). I found a clip on YouTube about this dude who was straight up cool. "Techno Viking" is what most call him...and I must have watched his one shining moment on YouTube almost 200 times. I will lay it out for you. Random video of a random music parade in Germany. Random buffed0ass-shit viking-looking-guy does a first responder act of kindness to a parade goer...and the camera stays on him for the next four minutes. Period. That's it - random. However, it is cool because this dude chose to get involved...and I like that...then he danced his ass off.

So (are you still with me) - I changed it up a very little bit and call my guy Tactical Viking (not to be confused with the very awesome Viking Tactics company) and made a patch to honor him. Here is the video...watch it a couple times- watch it a dozen times, it only gets better. I will show the patch on Wednesday, then sell it on Friday. I hope you enjoy it.

-200 made - each with a limited hand numbered card

-3" wide by 2.75" tall.  100% embroidery with double sided velcro

-Each order comes with TECHNO CRYSTALS.  These crystals will make you a BETTER DANCER (*non-FDA approved, do not eat*)