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13Battalion Order of the Crossed Swords- Iraq

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"Ours Wars of Liberation"  is a Facebook group made to discuss our service in support of operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.  This includes Desert Shield, Desert Storm, Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation New Dawn, Operation Enduring Freedom, and Resolute Shield

THIS patch supports service in support of our war of terror in Iraq.  ANYBODY can buy them.

I have scuffed up, scrapped, burned and shot 75/100 of these patches (100 in this set).  Takes me about 10 minutes per patch to make it unique.  These are my WAR duty patches - mangled by combat but still fit for duty.  The remaining 25/100 patches are the PEACE patches - no marks on them...clean and tidy.  Get some of both and share them with your friends, family, and co-workers.

Each patch is 2x3" and has a hook and loop backing with velcro cover.  They are thin enough to feel really good on a hat - my main purpose!