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G14 250

G14 250 TPL PTD Patch #1

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The G14 THIN PAW LINE patch started as a painting from Mark Flores' wife to him. The paw prints represent his dog "Daisy". Mark posted the image on our G14 page a while back...and I found it after rummaging though the photo files. LOVED IT! After asking Mark for permission, I had the painting turned into these patches.

I also asked Dan Dack to make a leather form of the original painting...I am sending this patch to Mark for his wife's special efforts.

The patch represents - IMHO - the small K-9 LEO/MIL corps of animals who are out there every day "walking the beat" and saving lives. Anyone who has had contact with a K-9 officer or their animals can understand the special bond formed by the two. Hope this patch does the painting...and the bond some justice.

There are 150 made.  Each patch is 2"x3" and has double sided veclro/hook and loop.  

This is Patch #1 of a 2-set patch. $1 from each patch will go to a LEO charity.