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G14 250

G14 250 TPL PTD Patch #2

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This is the second on the series of the Thin Paw Line.  The patch is a memorial patch for our fallen LEOs - I used a Police K9 for the patch, and whispy black lettering to represent the fleeting time we are on this earth.

I am donating 100% of sales (every penny) to the Fallen LEO charity.  Let's make this a good deed!  

Every 5th patch sold will also come with a FREE "Talk to 22" patch.  This patch comes with a card with plenty of helpful numbers/websites to seek help.

Patch is a 2"x3" with velcro on the back and extra hook and loop.  The background is twill - not embroidered.  This allows it to mold better on bags and hats.  It's made to be worn, not adored.

100 were made and 50 sold on 26OCT18.  The remaining 50 will go for sale in November along with Ranger Eyes.