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G14 250

G14 250 Coin - Washington Quarter (PROOF-NEW)

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This is a "proof" coin which means it is a special run by the US Mint and has not been in circulation. It has a mirror finish and is brand new!  This is the PROOF version.

I got a few of these because ONE guy wanted them...so let's see if you want them.  The George Washington proof coin is a bicentennial 1776-1976 coin with a tatted out mother-lover!!!  I made a mess of the front of this coin...at least three tat marks! It is hyper crazy!

FREE:  Stamped ass piece of copper - with a keychain added for your pleasure!  Don't worry if the photos are stamped - it will be.

Comes in a plastic "flipper" for protection. **There is NO SILVER in this coin**