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G14 250

G14 250 NeoMag

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CLOSED 19APR17 and ordered.  (23 NeoMag and 3 Clips)

This is a PRE-ORDER purchase of the G14 NeoMag.  Orders will be accepted until 16APR17, then submitted to NeoMag for production.  We should have these NeoMags by the end of April - they will then be mailed out from me.

Remember to REVIEW the NEO-MAG website so you are picking the right size!!!  www.theneomag.com.  [Example: I have a medium for my M&P Shield, my M&P Fullsized/Compact mags, my KelTec PF9,and my Glock19/23 magazines]

SML- most .380 single and double stack

MED- Fits all single & double stack 9mm magazines, Fits all single & double stack .40 S&W magazines [Wilson Combat 9mm magazines use a Large]

LRG- Fits all single and double stack .45 magazines, Fits all single and double stack 10mm magazines, Fits all Wilson Combat 9mm magazines