About Us

The "A2" in A2 Industries simply stands for "Aaron and Alexa" - the names of the owners. Created in March of 2012, A2 Stippling was created for Aaron to sell Smith and Wesson Military & Military Police (S&W M&P) grips and parts, hand stippled at home.  In 2014, Aaron began selling Morale Patches within the Facebook Morale Patch community.  This includes the brands G14 250 and 13Battalion, as well as 13TACCAT. This is a part-time business for Aaron as he also serves in the United States Army.

The M&P parts are stippled as they are ordered. Parts are genuine Smith and Wesson (S&W) items purchased from one of our distributors. We sell parts which fit on the three S&W Military and Police (M&P) frames: the Fullsized 9/40/45/357, the Compact 9/40 and the Compact .45. Stippled items are durable and extremely comfortable for all day wear. Our intent was to create stippling patterns which don't shred your hands or your clothes. These items feel great in outer-waistband or inner-waistband wear, as well as when worn via the ankle, appendix or when carried in a shoulder holster.

If you have any questions, view our Frequently Asked Questions or Contact Us and we will get back with you as quickly as possible. You won't hear from a secretary or a receptionist, because we don't have one. We believe you need to hear from the person that will be stippling your items.

All stippled parts come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Use the items for 30 days - if you don't like them, return them for a full refund or exchange - your choice.

Thank you for purchasing from A2 Industries - we appreciate your support.