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13Battalion Sheepdog Boomstick Patch

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13Battalion Sheepdog Boomstick Patch.  The patch symbolizes my love for the movie Army of Darkness.  Ash is the main character, and carries a shotgun and chainsaw to fight off an evil army of deadites and save the ancient world.  He symbolizes the sheepdog - thrust into a situation which was out of his control, he fought back and saved the sheep (well, with their help).  THIS IS MY BOOMSTICK will always be one of my favorite movie lines - he is a hero in my book! 

3rd patch in the new Sheepdog "Protector" series - Limited to 100 patches.

Text is GITD on a 100% embroidered patch with merrowed border

The patch is 2" x 3" and features 2 sided velcro backing with numbered card