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13Battalion Sheepdog Jedi Patch

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13Battalion Sheepdog Jedi Patch.  I did not see the "original" (now known as IV in the series - A New Hope) Star Wars in theaters...I was 6. However, we moved to Montana in 1980 and I saw Star Wars and later Empire Strikes Back in theaters with my USAF-bound Cousin (gee...years later I would join the USAF myself, like a protege...). I LOVED the series! Yeah, I had the sheets, the blanket, the poster, and even a couple of the action figures! Definitely enjoyed the "kid from the farm saves the day" story with Luke. We all got daddy issues...but his were the coolest. So anyway, I bring you his blue light saber and all the memories attached!!! (Note it is not the green one from Empire Strikes Back!)

4th patch in the new Sheepdog "Protector" series - Limited to 100 patches.  There are five total patches in the set - with something very special at the end.  (Well, special to me at least!)

Text is GITD on a 100% embroidered patch with merrowed border

The patch is 2" x 3" and features 2 sided velcro backing with numbered card