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G14 250

G14 250 Axel 4 Prez Nametapes

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WELCOME to the newest candidate for our nation's next leader - Axel, our German Shepherd.  We have had a tough campaign and it has been VERY difficult to get campaign patches made.  We bring you one of them in this sale - the Axel 4 Prez nametape.  

The multi-cam nametape patches are either 5" or 5 1/2" long and 1" tall with "AXEL 4 PREZ" in black stitching.  They have velcro backing and some have an extra hook and loop cover.  Some of the patches have stickers as well!

Our vendor messed up a couple orders, so there are some extras thrown in haphazardly - you will see.  Also, some 5 1/2" long tapes were sent - so this brings the total to 113 patches for sale!  Good luck, enjoy, and AXEL 4 PREZ!!