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G14 250

G14 250 MILSPEC Recruit/Veterans Patches

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The G14 250 MILSPEC patches began 2015.  We received an initial batch of MILSPEC patches which were not "ready for primetime". We called them the "Recruits" because they are not "squared away" and are missing the extra hook and loop fastener we prefer on the backside of our patches. The final patches - "Veterans" - were dropped on 10JAN15. They are only different by having "squared away" corners and carrying the extra velcro on the back. The Recruit is in a white envelope while Veteran is in the tan envelope.  Other than that - the patches appear the same.


This is a 2"x 3" rectangular embroidered patch in GITD white with black lettering.  We made 400 of these patches, 200 of each.