G14 250

G14 250 PTD Sammich Patch

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The G14 Pet the Dog "Sammich" edition is a 4" tall x 3" wide patch with dye sublimation features on a tightly woven background.  The patch has velcro on the backside.  The light bulb is glow in the dark.  There were 200 of these patches made - each with its own numbered card. Of course we utilize a German Shepherd Dog as our main character...with the "light on secrecy" as his backdrop. 

The Pet the Dog series has been a constant since we began G14 back in the Summer of 2014.  Anthony Feigt, Rebound Design Labs/Sammich, developed and produced this patch - it will be remembered as one of the most exciting patches in the G14 inventory.

Dropped 14APR17.